Vosough Al-Dowleh

Vosough Al-Dowleh Garden of Tehran

known as "Pomegranate Garden" because of its pomegranate trees, the Garden of Vosough Al-Dawlah was a private house and promenade during the Qajar era and today the garden is open ...

Syrian president, Iranian official call refugees conference good basis for restoring security in war-hit country

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said an international conference on return of refugees, which will begin tomorrow in Damascus, could be a good basis for continuing humanitarian efforts and beginning of ...
Anthony Quinn’s

The Farm Where Anthony Quinn’s ‘Caravans’ Was Filmed

The Haj Hassan Farm is a historical site dating back to the Qajar period, which has been also used as a filming location. The Farm is located eight kilometres west ...
Sar e Aqa Seyyed

Iran in Photos: Stepped Village of Sar-e Aqa Seyyed

Sar-e Aqa Seyyed is a stepped village in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, south-western Iran. Sar-e Aqa Seyyed is located in Mouguyi county, 45 km from Chelgard, the centre of Koohrang ...
Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower celebrates 49th anniversary

The Azadi Tower is a landmark monument located in Iran’s capital, Tehran. The tower was built according to the architecture of the Achaemenid and Sasanian eras, as well as Islamic ...

Funeral procession of classic singer, composer Shajarian

Madaresharghi_The funeral procession of the grand maestro of Iranian traditional music Mohammadreza Shajarian was held on Saturday morning in Tous, near the tomb of epic Persian poet Ferdowsi, in Razavi ...

Iran’s Architecture in Photos: House of Mohammad Moein

Mohammad Moein was a prominent Iranian researcher and professor whose house in Tehran has turned into a museum. The Museum House of Mohammad Moein is indeed a complex of two ...

70-Mullah Cemetery of Zahedan

The 70-Mullah Cemetery is an 800-year-old graveyard whose architecture is inspired by the tomb of Cyrus the Great. The cemetery is located in Rups village of Mirjaveh in Sistan and ...

Bahrainis protest on normalizing tie with Israel regime

People in Bahrain demonstrated on Thursday night and announced their strong opposition against normalization of ties between Bahrain and Zionist regime.    

Ashura mouring ceremonies across Iran

Iranians attended mourning ceremonies of the night of Ashura on Saturday, August 29, in different cities of Iran while following social distancing guidelines and health protocols. Ashura is the 10th ...
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