About us

The rapid pace of developments in the Middle East, more than ever, shows a lack of dissemination of precise information about the region’s political factions and intellectual trends.

MadareSharghi is a news website with an analytical vision that seeks to fill this gap and be useful for this region by circulating accurate information.

In fact, this website, as a regional media outlet, tries to cover all stories about the Middle Eastern countries and provide analyses about them. It also aims to follow up regional developments in political, economic, cultural and historical areas.

The Middle East, which is one of the most important regions in the world, is grappling with crises, conflicts and rivalries that are mainly rooted in history and stem from actions of its past rulers. However, part of them is the result of interference and rivalries of global powers.

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the past and current events of this region requires extensive research in the domains of history and anthropology. No doubt, having access to reliable sources to achieve this goal is of critical importance.

MadareSharghialso seeks to shed light on the lives of the Middle East’s people in a professional fashion and the way they think.

Since the great bulk of news that is published by the media about the Middle East focuses on political issues, there is vast potential for exploring other social, cultural and economic spheres and carrying out field studies. 

In reality, there are few media outlets in the world that specifically address various aspects of life in the Middle East. Therefore,MadareSharghi, as a news website and an online magazine aims totake the lead and fill this gap. MadareSharghi, with its experienced team, is a small member of the specialized media family in the world and strives to play an effective role in disseminating accurate information.