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Miankaleh burned for the forty-first time in 1400

According to Etemad newspaper, Arian Aboutalebi, an environmental activist and head of the Behesht Miankaleh Ecological Cooperative, said: “Today, the fire started in the Miankaleh biosphere reserve, which started at 7 am in the Chaharkomeh area, about seven kilometers from the peninsula, after about an hour.” The efforts of the hardworking environmentalists in the area were thwarted.
The fire engulfed the vegetation of raspberries and basil.
 Arian Aboutalebi said: “According to observations, the area of ​​this fire is about 500 square meters.” Unfortunately, most intermediate fires have a human and intentional cause, which is done for personal purposes to be abused in this important natural habitat.
Source: Etemad newspaper website